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    Women Are People: The Equal Suffrage League of Virginia

    Open now!


    The Equal Suffrage League of Virginia was the most successful suffrage organization in the South. The ESL played an instrumental role in educating the state on women's suffrage, pushing for an amendment to the state constitution, and eventually attempting to get the 19th amendment ratified in Virginia. Come to the museum to learn more about the history the ESL and how they brought the suffrage movement to Fauquier County.

    A Bold Stroke for Freedom: Freedom Seekers (Runaway slaves) in Fauquier County

    Open now!


    For an enslaved person in Fauquier County, running away meant many difficult choices and dangerous paths. The decision to make a bid for liberty truly was "a bold stroke for freedom". This exhibit tells stories of enslaved men, women and children who took the risk for their liberty and the ways in which the jail proved a barrier to that desperate hope.

    Historic Happy Hour

    6PM to 8PM Saturday September 11th

    Tickets: Free for members, non-member see below


    In appreciation of our members to the Fauquier Historical Society the museum is holding a Historic Happy Hour from 6PM to 8PM Saturday September 11! There will be wine, beer, and light appetizers provided as well as stories from our staff and board of sensational court cases in Fauquier history.


    Members get in free while non-members will receive access to the event as well as a years membership to the Fauquier Historical Society with the purchase of a $30 ticket (the exact price of membership). Get a non-member friend to purchase membership for the event and win a free 1776 Eugene Scheel map! RSVP by emailing info@fauquierhistory.org, calling 540-347-5525 or registering for a ticket on right here

    Annual Yard Sale-Spring Festival

    9AM to 5PM Saturday September 18th


    The Fauquier History Museum at the Old Jail is holding our Annual Spring Yard Sale, but in the fall! Spring Festival was rescheduled in Warrenton to September 18th and so our yard sale will be held during the festival. Shop the tables on our front lawn for great stuff you didn't know you needed. And don't forget to plan time to explore the museum, too.